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How much notice do I need to give for a euthanasia (‘putting to sleep’) visit?

A large proportion of my call-outs are booked the same day. However, due to the nature of mobile practice (distances travelled, long appointments), it is impossible to guarantee an emergency euthanasia service. I often make visits at very short notice (an hour or less) for pets that are deteriorating quickly and we always strive to prioritise the most urgent cases. To minimise the stress of a rushed visit (or worse the disappointment of having to make an unplanned car journey to your nearest surgery) we advise that registered and potential clients  provide us with regular updates on the condition of their pet so we can plan as much as is practical. See also Emergencies

What about cremation arrangements for deceased pets?

Depending on the situation I can either transport your pet myself for cremation or liaise with a crematorium to arrange collection by them. Alternatively you may arrange cremation yourself by dealing with a crematorium directly. Rosehill Pet Cremation Services are Shropshire-based and a  member of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria. For clients who have been referred to us by their local vet, we are able to transport your pet to their clinic during opening hours if required.

What if my pet needs  treatment that can’t be carried out in my home?

For elderly or disabled pet owners (or pets with special access issues – mobility or behavioural), I will make referral  arrangements to your registered veterinary clinic  for further tests, surgery or hospitalisation. If you are unable to arrange transport for your pet I can work with a local pet taxi or transport your pet in my own car. I will advise you over the telephone if I believe that a home visit isn’t suitable for your pet’s condition. For example if your pet is very poorly and there is concern that arranging a home visit would delay urgent hospital treatment. In these cases it is best to prioritise the immediate transport of the pet to your local practice.